Who’s Who? Challenge

Here’s a challenge.  Can you identify the Personality Styles (D, I, S, C) of the following famous people?  I’ve put them in groups of 4 to help make it easier.

Should Be Easy:  Oprah Winfrey, Donald Trump, Bill Gates, Paula Abdul

Celebrities:  Barbara Stanwyck, Mike Wallace, Mr. Rodgers, Bob Hope

From History:  Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Jackie Kennedy Onassis, Winston Churchill

Some Old Favorites:  Mr. Spock, Tonto, Lucy, Dirty Harry

Scientists and Inventors:  Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Madame Marie Curie, Ben Franklin

Personality Style Characteristics that may help you:

D – Fast-paced, task-oriented, confident, well-groomed, expensive look, to the point, possibly loud, persistent, may enjoy an argument.

IFast-paced, people-oriented, spontaneous, upbeat, “hip expressions”, trendy, happy, big smile, very comfortable being in the spotlight.

S – Reserved, people-oriented, casual, comfortable, great manners, eye contact, hugs, personal, warm, calm, honest, soft voice.

C – Reserved, task-oriented, conservative look, serious, articulate, thinks before responding, great vocabulary, questioning, curious.

For the answers, look for my blog titled “Answers to Who’s Who? Challenge”.

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