Weaknesses of the S

S’s can be Fearful, Indecisive,
and Self-Protective

An S, who prefers stability and predictability, can become fearful of many things….unknown situations, conflict, being in the spotlight, humiliation, doing something wrong, losing the stability of their turf, surprises and loss of control.  Their Fears may make them appear to be Indecisive and Self-Protective.


  • When they should say “No” they will say “Yes” to avoid conflict or disappointment
  • Resistant to change with no apparent reason
  • Hesitant to speak up if the comment will cause a difference of opinion
  • Will stay in a rut rather than make a change
  • May see suggestions or criticism as a threat


  • Prefer to know the outcome before starting, especially if the outcome will affect others
  • Appear to have a lack of motivation, they would rather do nothing than do something wrong
  • Hesitant to share information, can become possessive
  • Procrastinates, often related to making a decision
  • Can easily become an enabler


  • Fear of being humiliated
  • When afraid of losing their security they may appear to be stingy
  • When protecting their own interest, may appear to be selfish
  • Will internalize and mask feelings
  • Needs an extended amount of time to build a new relationship

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