Weaknesses of the D

D’s can be Inconsiderate, Unyielding and Angry

D’s prefer to go at a very fast pace on THEIR agenda. They can easily forget the team concept or that they are under authority. During challenging moments their strengths may go too far and make them tough to deal with. They can become…..


  • Pushes rather than leads.  Exerts power when threatened
  • Unsympathetic, especially to other’s weaknesses
  • Can be blunt or offensive
  • Insensitive – will hurt without realizing it
  • Tendency to be emotional or unfeeling
  • Takes action without waiting for pertinent facts or permission – will seek forgiveness later


  • Will manipulate behind the scenes to get things done
  • May have a hidden agenda
  • If they decide they cannot get their way they may leave
  • Want to win at all costs even if they have to create their own rules to do so
  • Can easily become dictatorial


  • Can become hard and sarcastic
  • Do not like taking orders and can become rebellious
  • Can explode into anger quickly….they will get over their anger quickly while others may be left harboring resentment
  • When challenged becomes obstinate
  • Great difficulty being under authority or admitting a wrong

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