Why Leave Effective Communicating to Chance?

learn the four main personalities

If you have External Barriers, using DISC to understand Personality styles is a tool we can use to develop your awareness of communication. We’ll address your Blind Spots and how others may perceive you. You’ll learn to subtly change your message so it’s received with greater understanding. If you experience anxiety when meeting new people or making a presentation we can completely eliminate that! In short, you will be better received and respected, allowing you to develop better employee/client relationships and loyalty.


I want to take a moment to let you know the impact you have had on our team here at Wells Fargo. Your training sessions have proved invaluable in so many different ways.

Thanks to your system for recognizing the “mind” of the person in front of you, our loan officers who were intimidated by prospecting are now tackling it with ease and their closing ratio has been increasing! In addition your insights on speaking to both spouses in “THEIR language” have helped my team focus on observing which spouse needs the details, and which needs the personal conversation. As a result, our customer relationships and customer referrals have improved dramatically.

The subtle changes I have made to my communication style has enhanced my effectiveness as a leader.

– Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Manager



Don’t Underestimate Emotional Baggage

One of the biggest scientific discoveries in 1985 is that our emotions are real energy.* Your Internal Barriers often come from unprocessed emotions that have become trapped. It’s possible you don’t know they exist. The Emotion Code is the tool that will identify and clear them. The technique consists of direct questions and basic muscle testing. We don’t dredge up the past nor do we discuss your personal “stuff”. The process is simple and fast. The results are effective and long-lasting.

As someone who struggles to understand her emotions, I was at a loss late last year. I was experiencing intense anxiety and it was getting in the way of my success. Meredith was the perfect person to go to in order to free myself from these emotions.

I felt with her methods we were reaching a larger goal. For the first time it felt like my emotions were tangible and real.

I started working with Meredith right before a job interview that I was nervous about I wanted to prepare in every way I possibly could and I didn’t want my anxiety and other emotions of failure to get in the way of my success. After working with Meredith I gained the confidence I needed to not only excel in the interview and get the job, but it also improved my overall confidence in my day to day life.

Meredith has helped me in indescribable ways – beyond what a traditional therapist would be able to do in a short time frame. I highly recommend her method for any emotional impairment you feel – big or small!

– Madalyn S. Shanghai, China

*In a paper published in the Journal of Immunology is 1985, neuroscientist and pharmacologist Dr. Candace Pert stated. “Neuropeptides and their receptors thus join the brain, glands, and immune system in a network of communication between brain and body, probably representing the biochemical substrate of emotion.” In 1997 she published a book about her decade long study of emotions, The Molecules of Emotion, where she explains the science behind emotions. She describes their function in what she calls “mindbody” communication, and how the energy of our trapped emotions can seriously affect the performance and health of our body, mind and spirit.



The Human Body is just Energy

The Body Code is a tool we use to identify any Internal Beliefs that can sabotage you:

  • The Internal Belief that says: “I don’t have what it takes”
  • The image of a failure that steals your confidence.
  • The inability to get past a humiliating memory.

As with Emotion Code, we won’t dredge up your past or discuss your personal stuff. We identify these Internal Barriers, check for any underlying causes and then get rid of the belief and the cause! Body Code is a very targeted yet simple process with results that last a lifetime.

When we started our company, Kenna Construction, I found I was making decisions too quickly without weighing the repercussions. I worked at trying to slow down my decision making process with little result. It was costing us time and money!

In complete frustration I turned to Meredith to see if she could help. I was open to letting her try but honestly not convinced she could find anything. I was amazed when she found an internal belief that ‘I didn’t deserve to be happy’. I think of myself as positive and the fact that my subconscious was buying into this was crazy and hard to embrace. She pinpointed where the belief started. Suddenly, it made sense. I could see I was standing in my own way by not acknowledging that something was holding me back. I just kept trying to push through the negativity.

Meredith helped me clear the belief and I was shocked when I began to feel ‘lighter’. Over the next few days my confidence soared and my decisions and estimates were way better. Now, more than a year later, the change in how I approach decisions has been permanent. Kenna Construction is more successful than we dreamed could happen in this amount of time. Thank you, Meredith, for working your magic on me!

– Mike Kenna, Kenna Construction, Key West, FL