Don’t Underestimate Emotional Baggage

Our Internal Barriers may come from unprocessed emotions. If you have unprocessed emotions, it’s possible you don’t even know that they exist.

Emotion Code is the tool I use to see if we can identify any emotional energy you may be carrying. You will experience the effects of this tool during your Complimentary Session.

As someone who struggles to understand her emotions, I was at a loss late last year. I was experiencing intense anxiety and it was getting in the way of my success. Meredith was the perfect person to go to in order to free myself from these emotions.

I felt with her methods we were reaching a larger goal. For the first time it felt like my emotions were tangible and real.

I started working with Meredith right before a job interview that I was nervous about I wanted to prepare in every way I possibly could and I didn’t want my anxiety and other emotions of failure to get in the way of my success. After working with Meredith I gained the confidence I needed to not only excel in the interview and get the job, but it also improved my overall confidence in my day to day life.

Meredith has helped me in indescribable ways – beyond what a traditional therapist would be able to do in a short time frame. I highly recommend her method for any emotional impairment you feel – big or small!

Madalyn S. Shanghai, China

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The Human Body is just Energy

The Body Code is a tool we use to identify any stored energies other than emotions that may be affecting you in a negative way.

  • The image of a failure that steals your confidence.
  • The inability to get past a humiliating memory.

We won’t dredge up your past. We don’t even have to discuss your personal “stuff”. We simply try to identify Internal Barriers and eliminate any Barriers we might find.

When we started our company, Kenna Construction, I found I was making decisions too quickly without weighing the repercussions. I worked at trying to slow down my decision making process with little result. It was costing us time and money!

In complete frustration I turned to Meredith to see if she could help. I was open to letting her try but honestly not convinced she could find anything. I was amazed when she found an internal belief that ‘I didn’t deserve to be happy’. I think of myself as positive and the fact that my subconscious was buying into this was crazy and hard to embrace. She pinpointed where the belief started. Suddenly, it made sense. I could see I was standing in my own way by not acknowledging that something was holding me back. I just kept trying to push through the negativity.

Meredith helped me clear the belief and I was shocked when I began to feel ‘lighter’. Over the next few days my confidence soared and my decisions and estimates were way better. Now, more than three years later, the change in how I approach decisions has been permanent. Kenna Construction is more successful than we dreamed could happen in this amount of time. Thank you, Meredith, for working your magic on me!

Mike Kenna, Kenna Construction, Key West, FL

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Body-Based Mindfulness

Body-based mindfulness

Would you like to live in happiness; joy; courage?  Have you already taken steps to live in happiness, joy, courage – wherever YOU WANT TO BE – and found that you are just surviving in “the absence of suffering” as opposed to thriving in the abundance you seek?

Body Based Mindfulness tackles the subconscious beliefs that may be stopping you from experiencing life as you want.  We will search for the beliefs that are your barriers.  YOU will make the decision to accept them, rewrite them or let go of them.

This is a beautiful tool taught to me by Dr. Kent Rosengren.  I am thrilled to have it in my Toolbox.

I had the pleasure of experiencing a session with Meredith that really opened my eyes to energy and how it travels. I had been to an energy yoga class before and felt emotional energy exit through tears, but had never felt the physical sensation I did during my session with Meredith.

I had a pent up feeling of brokenheartedness that I really needed to banish. We sat with that emotion and I released the energy through a few related statements. During that time, I felt the energy move from my hips down my legs and out my toes. I also felt it form in my shoulders and travel down my arms and out my fingers. It was an incredible sensation, like pins and needles, and after the session I felt much lighter, carefree, and open-hearted.

Releasing energy is definitely something I have found to be beneficial. Give it a try and, as long as your heart is open, it will definitely make a difference in your life!

Courtney L, Harrisburg, PA

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Why Leave Effective Communicating to Chance?

learn the four main personalities

If you have External Barriers, using DISC to understand Personality styles is a tool we can use to develop your awareness of communication. We’ll address your Blind Spots and how others may perceive you. You’ll learn to subtly change your message so it’s received with greater understanding.

If you experience anxiety when meeting new people or making a presentation, DISC can help increase your confidence in these situations by shifting your focus from yourself and what others think to how you can help others be more comfortable with you.

DISC Assessments


1.  The ADULT CONCISE DISC REPORT A basic tool related to communication – includes:

  • The DISC Assessment
  • Your unique personality graphs – Basic and Environment
  • Your strengths and talents
  • Personal keys you should apply for excellence in teamwork, productivity and understanding
  • Pressure points and blind spots

6 Pages        $12.95


2. The ADULT STANDARD DISC PROFILE A great tool for understanding how you come across to other people – includes:

  • The DISC Assessment
  • The 6 page Concise Profile
  • Your personal decision making style with key to making successful decisions
  • Insights for your professional growth and long-term development
  • Communication and presentation tips based on your personal blind spots and how others see you
  • How to effectively communicate with each of the other Personality Styles including what you need to emphasize
  • How to effectively lead the other Personality Styles by understanding what they want to know before they can decide to follow your direction

30 Pages      $39.95


3.  The EXTENDED DISC REPORT A great management tool – includes:

  • The DISC Assessment
  • The 30 page Standard Report
  • How to Approach Someone Based on Their Personality Style
  • The Way You See Your Personal Characteristics when You are the One in Control Compared with How Others May See You
  • A Personal Stress Analysis Based upon Your Basic Graph vs Your Environment Graph
  • How to Read Others by Noticing Their Office Décor, Body Language, Speech Patterns and more
  • Tips for Success in Sales Based on Personality Styles

50 Pages      $59.95


4.  The LEADERSHIP DISC REPORT Perfect for business owners and managers – includes:

  • The DISC Assessment
  • The Extended Report
  • Key Concepts Demonstrating When to Adjust Your Leadership Style
  • Insights to Improve Individual Interactions with Team Members
  • A Guide to Help you Guard Against “REACTING” to Critical Situations Rather than “RESPONDING” to Them

60+ Pages      $69.95


5. The DIRECT SALES REPORT Increase sales and improve customer service skills – includes:

  • The DISC Assessment
  • The Extended DISC Report tailored for Sales
  • Your Strengths and Talents
  • Relating effectively with contacts based on their personality styles

50 Pages        $59.95


6.  THE IDEAL EMPLOYEE REPORT Take the guesswork out of hiring

  • Hiring insights for matching the job to the personality best equipped for it
  • Combine this knowledge with what the DISC assessment reveals about applicants to make the best choice
  • For more information, watch the short video below

6 Pages     $39.95


7.  The FITNESS REPORT Helps you approach exercise and fitness based upon your Personality Style – includes:

  • Your Personality Style’s keys to excellence when working out
  • Your ideal fitness strategies
  • Your fitness struggles and blind spots
  • Tailoring your fitness program to your personality strengths

19-37 Pages      $29.95


8.  THE TEEN CONCISE DISC REPORT A great insight for you and your teen into what makes them tick based on their Personality Style – includes:

  • The DISC assessment
  • How to understand your Personality Style graphs
  • Your strengths
  • Your keys to excellence
  • Your value on a team
  • Career suggestions
  • Communication tips

12 Pages    $12.95


9. The TEEN EXTENDED REPORT Includes the TEEN CONCISE REPORT plus 4 additional sections:

  • For the Teen – motivation style, communication style, working with others
  • For The Parent – how to parent and guide your teen based on their personality style
  • For The Teacher – understanding how to motivate and teach students based upon their personality style
  • Career Guide – more specific career related information including career strengths and suggested career choices based upon personality style

57 Pages    $39.95


10. Ages 5 – 12, The CHILD CONCISE REPORT A fun Assessment. Your child is presented with 24 cartoon slides. Each slide pictures 4 robots at an event (picnic, pirate ship, swimming, etc.), each robot performing a different activity. You assist your child in selecting the robot doing the activity your child prefers – includes:

  • The DISC assessment
  • Uderstanding the personality style graphs
  • Words to Encourage Your Child’s to Development to be Their Best it can be Based Upon Their Personality Style
  • Their Gifts and Abilities
  • The Best Environment for Their Personality Style
  • Motivators Specifically for Their Personality Style

8 Pages    $12.95


11. Ages 5 – 12, The CHILD EXTENDED PROFILE Includes the CHILD CONCISE REPORT plus 3 additional sections:

  • For the Child – provides greater understanding of how the child observes life and interacts with others
  • For the Parent – tips for guiding your child and better understanding their specific needs based upon their personality style
  • For the Teacher – Insight into how to better guide and motivate student based upon their personality style

48 Pages $39.95