Subconscious Beliefs

Creating a new business is exciting, demanding, and full of ups and downs. My abundance program is perfect for people who are starting a company. I had the pleasure working this program with a client we will call Jim. He came to me about six months after starting his new business with his partner. He had years of experience in his industry but felt something was holding him back from succeeding the way he knew he could.

They were working long hours, had plenty of customers, but were struggling to make ends meet. Jim thought he had recognized his challenge: he was making poor decisions because he couldn’t force himself to slow down and take the time to consider all the aspects of the upcoming job.

  • His proposal numbers were always in favor of the client, usually because he wasn’t planning thoroughly for unexpected time and materials.
  • When he was with a client who was asking for something to be added on to the job, Jim’s go to response was “I’ve got it”. He didn’t stop and consider adding in additional compensation for the additional work.

He said recognizing the challenge was the easy part. Getting himself to slow down and handle these situations with “professionalism and numbers that are fair to both parties” was frustrating the heck out of him. As he said, “It feels like something is pushing me. I find my mouth is going where my brain knows it shouldn’t”.

As we worked together I was able to identify and clear several subconscious beliefs for him that were able to solve his problem and make a huge difference in his bottom line.

The first subconscious challenge was an Idea Allergy – an allergy to a thought or word.  It’s the same concept as an allergy to strawberries, bee stings or peanuts. Just as a person with an allergy to a bee sting will run from a bee, Jim’s subconscious would run from the thought “I deserve to be happy”. Jim wasn’t so sure about this concept. He enjoyed both the work he was doing and the interaction with his clients. He felt he was very happy building his company, just frustrated. I could tell he was open to the work we were doing but I didn’t yet have his 100% buy-in to the concept of the Idea Allergy. We kept going.

The next subconscious belief was a Despair Anchor of “Am I doing it right?” A Despair Anchor is a negative statement that is perceived as a truth by the subconscious mind, which then seeks to verify or fulfill that “truth”. While “Am I getting it right?” at first appears to be just a question, imagine having that doubt surrounding every estimate and all the work you do with your company. That’s quite a confidence breaker coming at you all day long. Jim could see validity in this one.

Over the next month I found several additional statements surrounded with negative energy starting with “I am worthy of abundance”. After we cleared that one Jim said he was beginning to see very good progress with keeping his mouth shut long enough to allow his brain to do some thinking. The other statements full of negativity were:
• “I can’t have what I need”
• “I can’t have what I want”
• “I am a burden”
• “Nothing works out for me”

I got a call from Jim a couple days after we had cleared “Nothing works out for me”. He was excited! He said, “I just met with a client and as we were talking I could FEEL MY CONFIDENCE KICK IN AND THE WORRY WENT AWAY!  I am finally seeing how all this works!”

He went on to say, “I’ve been doing what you suggested and catching my negative thoughts. During our next session I want you to test one I’ve caught several times…..“I suck at everything!” I smiled as I tested it but sure enough, there were negative energies to clear from that statement also.

The next subconscious belief was an Image (picture in his mind) of “Not being liked when he let someone down”. He easily grasped onto that concept because he sometimes felt that when he created an estimate that was fair for his company and his client – but more than what the client was expecting, Jim would reduce the final figure in favor of the client. Jim could clearly see that if his subconscious held the belief that he would “not be liked when” the numbers were presented; it could easily drive him to lessen the bottom line. We cleared the image from his subconscious and Jim will tell you he has never again reduced a quote from a figure that is fair to both his customer and his company.

At this point, Jim’s confidence was building like crazy, as was their company. He was slowing down and thinking every time before responding to his client’s requests. They had a cushion in the bank and things were getting easier but we still weren’t done.

When Jim started the program I had measured how aligned his subconscious mind was with the goal of building a successful company. Jim’s subconscious mind was only 12% aligned at our first session. He was now at 83%. We still had to gain 17 more percentage points but I was sensing Jim felt we could stop where we were.  Their company was doing great. They had already expanded from 2 people to 5. Referrals were flowing in and they hadn’t had any concern about payroll or sudden expenses for weeks. Thank goodness he hung in there.

The last subconscious belief could eventually stopped him from attaining the success he deserved:

• He had a Broadcast Message of “I do not have enough experience to handle huge success”. A Broadcast Message is a message our subconscious continually sends out from our body to other people who receive it subconsciously. (You may have experienced this when you’ve met someone and instinctively “know” you couldn’t trust them. It could have been a Broadcast Message their subconscious was sending out and the sad thing is, they might actually have been trustworthy.) Jim had the experience to handle a huge success with his business but the fact that he was sending out this message could mean people were choosing another company over his if they “felt” he didn’t yet have the experience to handle their job. He mentioned that he was having great success getting the small and medium size jobs but had not yet gotten one of the larger bids.

Jim has been very diligent in following my process:

1. Identify and clear the subconscious beliefs.
2. Recognize this belief may have created a habit that will remain after the belief is gone.
3. “Take every thought captive”. The second you find yourself stating or picturing one of these beliefs, catch it and get rid of it.
4. Immediately replace that thought or image with something that is positive. Jim will occasionally call me and ask me to check if anything is building up again around something we’ve cleared.  He will also ask me to check for energies around a new negative thought that he’s caught several times.

The second anniversary for their business is this February. The income for their 2nd year is already way beyond their goal. At the rate they are going they feel that in their 3rd year they will top what they had projected would happen around year number 5.  They have recently had a bid accepted for their first “huge” contract!

I’ve been so thrilled to be a part of Jim’s journey. He likes to give me a lot of credit but I know the credit is his. He was the one who was willing to see if something internal was holding him back. Without that, we wouldn’t have had the chance to clear his internal beliefs and create the possibility for the business to be more successful.

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