Strengths of the S

S’s are Supportive, Steady and Stable

An S finds it very difficult to say NO. They feel people do best when they are cooperative and supportive of each other. They will be there for you and want to know you will be there for them. They are happiest when YOU are happy.


  • Family-oriented, Team-oriented, Service-oriented
  • Bring out the best in people
  • Will make personal sacrifices to obtain best results
  • Tunes into what the group needs
  • Have an ability to put themselves in other’s situations which makes them very understanding
  • Takes orders well


  • You can depend on them and trust them to follow through
  • Not prone to emotional outbursts
  • Very calm, holds things together
  • Sees the lighter side of life with a subtle sense of humor
  • Looks for simple solutions
  • Very diplomatic, calm and polite


  • Create stability through loyalty and dependability
  • Thinks and evaluates before speaking or acting
  • During difficult times will appear to be unshaken
  • Makes a great leader.  They patiently coach rather than dictate
  • Prefers routine, one task at a time, consistency and efficiency

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