Strengths of the D

D’s are Determined, Dominant “Doers”

When it comes to confidence the D is at the top of the list.  They can stay focused on a vision and move heaven and earth to make it happen – fast!  A D will demand a lot from you and they may push you to work at your best.  Keep in mind, they are expecting even more from themselves than they expect from you.  They are…..


  • Very self-confident
  • Dynamic ability to lead
  • Will develop good qualities in others
  • Will delegate to get fast results
  • Direct communication, no “beating around the bush”
  • Needs to be in control and is willing to struggle for power and control


  • Can thrive on conflict
  • Seldom takes no for an answer
  • Bottom-line oriented, focuses on big picture and end result
  • Inspires others through determination
  • Refuses to give up on goals


  • Thrives on movement and involvement
  • Decisive decision maker
  • Needs a challenge – good at solving problems
  • Very innovative and adaptable – can change direction quickly
  • Willing to take risks without hesitation
  • Quickly responds to problems and situations

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