Opposites Attract!!

Opposites Attract!!

Everyone has natural strengths and weaknesses.  We can easily be drawn to a “strength” someone else exhibits that we consider a “weakness” in ourselves.  This often happens with business partners and in personal relationships.  At seminars where we divide the entire group into their Personality Styles, partners and spouses are frequently in Opposite categories.

Think about it – if I am disorganized I would benefit by having a partner with a natural ability to avoid chaos.  If I’m shy around strangers, I would be drawn to someone who immediately made me feel comfortable and helped me lighten up and have fun.

Look at the DISC opposites:

The D and the S……a decisive D, who loves the challenge of conquering the world can easily be drawn to the very supportive S, who is a natural team player.  The S, who is slower paced, more reserved, and often indecisive can be very attracted to the energy and decisiveness of the D.  The D and the S are potentially a great combination for a business partnership.

The I and the C…..the charismatic I is all about interacting with people.  “Where are we going and let’s have a great time when we get there!” could be their motto.  The C, who is often shy with new people, finds they come out of their shell when interacting with an I.  The I, who can tend to procrastinate about details and organization is “set free” when partnered with a C who loves to tackle processes and procedures.  When combined, the strengths of the I and the C can make a very strong team in business.

Here’s the challenge…..over time, the strengths that were the attraction can truly become a huge irritation!!  They can also grow the thorn that ends the relationship.  It is critical for the longevity of a business partnership and a marriage that both partners understand and embrace the strengths AND the weaknesses they each bring to the table.

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