Weaknesses of the I

I’s can be Impulsive, Indecisive and Inconsistent

An I, who is naturally light-hearted, fun-loving and well liked, can become very fearful of not being liked when stressed or challenged. They can become weak-willed, easily pressured and can suffer in the areas of morals, truthfulness, ethics and integrity. The may become…..Impulsive, Indecisive and Inconsistent.


  • May compromise themself in order to be liked
  • Resorts to self-promotion, loudness, huge gestures, emotion and exaggeration to regain attention
  • Prefers to argue rather than concede a point
  • Acts and speaks without thinking
  • Becomes impatient with normal tasks and with people they think are slowing them down


  • Unrealistic expectations due to inattention to detail
  • Runs on emotions, impressions and gut instincts
  • Lack of focus
  • Relies on charisma rather than preparation
  • Often has more confidence than ability


  • Dislikes attempts at structure and doesn’t want limitations on freedom
  • May suddenly avoid a situation where they may be rejected
  • Natural restlessness results in disorganization, forgetfulness and poor time management
  • Ignores realities that are not pleasing
  • Controls by manipulating or talking smoothly
  • Difficulty focusing while attempting to work alone leading to poor follow through

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