Weaknesses of the C

C’s Can Be Critical, Controlling and Cynical

The analytical, objective thinking C has trouble understanding that the rest of us don’t view things the way they do.  This often makes them their own worst enemy.  Their thoroughness can make them feel more competent than others, setting them up to view a simple question as a challenge by someone with inferior mental skills and abilities.  Depending upon the depth of the disparity a C can become vengeful, often waiting patiently for the right time to get even.  When operating in the extreme of their weaknesses a C can appear to be……Critical, Controlling and Cynical.


  • If questioned, takes it personally.  May react negatively and defensively.
  • Focuses only on what is wrong, not on what is right.
  • Their cautious nature may present them as being aloof, unfriendly, uncaring.
  • Their focus on the facts and the task can make them insensitive to people.


  • Protective of their thoughts as they have trouble understanding that others don’t view things their way.
  • Strongly feel their opinion should be the norm resulting in a lack of flexibility.
  • The way to the “correct end” is more important than the people involved.
  • Fear of being wrong can immobilize them.
  • Will enforce rules and policies through intellectual intimidation.


  • Keeps a ledger of wrongs committed against them and will patiently wait to get even.
  • Glass is always half empty.
  • Presents their knowledge in such a superior manner that even when they are right people don’t want to agree with them.
  • Rigid nature impairs creativity.
  • Myopic vision compounded by huge fear of failure.

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