Idea Allergy

To help you get the concept of an Idea Allergy, let’s first talk about a physical allergy. Think about how someone with an allergy to poison ivy reacts when they see it. They walk around it, right? How about someone with a food allergy, one that immediately gives them bumps on their mouth when they eat it? They have NO desire to touch the food, even with their fingers. The same thing happens with an Idea Allergy. Your subconscious mind won’t consider going near the idea!

Let me give you an example….

I was working with a client who is enrolled in my Weight Loss program. During a session I discovered she had an allergy to the word “Thin”. I could sense a hesitation on her part but she made no comment. I let it go, cleared the Idea Allergy, and moved on.

Prior to ending the session I asked if she had any questions or comments. She responded that she disagreed with the concept that she had an Allergy to the word “thin”. She very emphatically went on to tell me, “am big-boned, my Dad was big-boned, as are my sisters and the rest of my Scottish family.  With my very large out-going personality people tend to see me as larger than I really am.  And honestly, I don’t have a desire to become “thin”, the word is not a part of my vocabulary, my goal is to be healthy!!

And then there was a pause.  A very long pause.  I could actually feel the energy shifting.  Finally, a soft, quiet voice said, “Meredith, I think you’re right.  I do have an allergy to the word thin, don’t I?”

Imagine what this subconscious Idea Allergy to the word “Thin” can do to someone who is attempting to lose weight.  When they try to picture themselves as being thinner, their mind won’t go there!  When they attempt to eat less, their subconscious can actually sabotage their effort and direct them to reach for that second piece of cake.

                  What our subconscious sees as truth it will attempt to make true.

By clearing away your Idea Allergy we allow you to embrace that idea without any internal conflict.  This opens up your ability to begin to visualize your goal, which can then be followed by your ability to create the internal belief for success.

That’s what positive affirmations are all about.  That’s why there’s a billion dollar industry about positive thinking.  From where I sit it’s a billion dollar industry that is failing many people.  Think about it….if it worked, you’d only have to buy one book!!  Why do so many people who are striving for a change have a shelf full of them?  Because the concepts are sustainable ONLY if you have no subconscious internal beliefs that block your efforts.  I suggest you try this approach instead:

  • Meet with a Certified Energy Practitioner trained to identify and clear any Internal Beliefs that are blocking you.
  • Have them clear the blocks and any underlying causes that created the blocks
  • Reread the book
  • Apply the principles
  • Achieve your success!!

I have cleared Idea Allergies to the words money, wealth, success, love, healthy, happiness and many, many others.  Imagine how these allergies were sabotaging my clients’ attempts to succeed at these concepts.

If you think you may have an internal belief that is stopping you from reaching your goal, please schedule a complimentary consultation today.   I truly believe I can help you!



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