When I began to consider creating a monthly newsletter I assumed that it would only go to clients. As the newsletter began to take shape I excitedly shared the concept with both clients and people I know who are not clients. People from both parties (clients and “non-clients”) requested to be on the contact list.

You would think I would have recognized the need to add some definitions and explanations about what I do for the folks who have never experienced energy healing but, no, I wrote the newsletter with my original mindset that it was be received by only clients.

As you can imagine, some of the “non-clients” had a few questions that are truly worth addressing so this month The Science Behind Energy is an ENERGY Q & A.

These are the questions to be addressed:
1. How is a trapped emotion or energy identified in someone’s body?
2. What do I mean by “clearing” a trapped emotion?
3. Once an energy is cleared, is it gone? Can it come back?


To identify trapped emotions and other trapped energies I use a very simple, non-invasive process called muscle testing. I ask questions that can be answered with “yes” or “no”. The muscle test response gives me the answer. Usually a series of 3 or 4 questions – going from general to specific – will pin down the energy. For example….
• “Is there a trapped energy causing the discomfort in the knee?” YES
• “Is it an emotion” YES
• …..and so on until the exact energy to be release is identified.

A lie detector test measures the body’s electrical energy response to a question. The electrical response will indicate to tester if the answer is true or false.

A muscle test measures the electrical energy state of your muscle as it responds to a question. Dr. Bruce Lipton described it this way in his book, The Honeymoon Effect: “When the conscious mind makes a statement that conflicts with a belief stored in the subconscious mind, the resulting disharmony is experienced as a weakening of the body’s muscles”.

So….in a state falsehood any muscle will become weakened, making resistance difficult. In a state of truth muscles will remain strong and resistant to pressure.

A Sway Test is a form of muscle testing. If you watched the video of Jess sway testing her products while shopping you were watching muscle testing. Her body was responding to her questions and giving her truthful answers about the products she was considering buying.

When working with a client I use a “ring in ring” finger muscle method (see photo above) because I can sit rather than stand plus, putting pressure on my finger is faster than waiting for the “sway”. The “ring in ring” method and many more are on YouTube. Most are very easy to understand and some are very entertaining!

The questions I ask of my clients come from the Body Code Mind Map system which is the tool I use as a Certified Body Code Practitioner. The questions I am asking for the muscle test come from the screens in the mind map system. There is a potential for hundreds of specific answers in this amazing system and I can honestly say during all the hours I have worked with clients the system has never let me down as far as identifying which energy is to be released.


I start by focusing my energy and my intention upon clearing the identified trapped energy from my client’s body. I then give their energy field a slight ripple with either my fingers or a magnet. As I do so the trapped energy will either neutralize (change into a positive or neutral vibration) or gently move out of their body.

In his article on the Physics of Emotion, Dr. Joshua Freedman quotes Dr. Candace Pert, an American Neuroscientist and Pharmacologist, as saying “Emotions are not simply chemicals in the brain. They are electrochemical signals that affect the chemistry and electricity of every cell in the body. The body’s electrical state is modulated by emotions, changing the world within the body.”

So…..Emotions are real, vibrating energy
These emotional energies can affect our entire body

Under normal circumstances part of the experience of having an emotion includes letting it go. Every once in a while, for whatever reason, we don’t “let go” of the emotion and the emotional energy becomes trapped in our body.  This vibrating energy ball can vary from the size of an orange to a cantaloupe.  Once the location of the energy is located, if the energy is near the surface of our body, you can sometimes feel it.  To do so, you position your palms about a basketball distance away from the location, aim the palms of your hand toward the energy and then slowly move you palms toward the position.  You will feel a slight change on your palms – the feeling is that of someone very gently blowing air across your palm. It can feel either warm or cold. For me it’s very cool to walk a client through the process of trying to feel the energy and hear their exclamation when they do!!

Once identified, I focus my energy and my intention upon clearing the identified trapped energy from my client’s body. As I focus with intent I ripple the flow of my client’s energy along what is called their governing (or main) meridian which runs from above your eyebrows, over the crown of your head and down your spinal column. The “rippling” is achieved by running two fingers or a magnet over any part of the governing meridian a minimum of three times. During the rippling process the trapped energy either neutralizes (changes into a positive or neutral vibration) or gently moves out of the body.

In her book, The Molecules of Emotion, Dr. Pert (referenced above) says that “When stored or blocked emotions are released through touch or other physical methods, there is a clearing of our internal pathways”.


Yes it is gone. The specific energy we cleared won’t come back. There are some instances where you could mistake that it has returned. Here are some examples:

  • There may be one or more energies identical to the one just cleared.  So, let’s say we cleared the trapped emotional energy of bitterness.  At a future time we could once again identify the trapped emotional energy of  bitterness due to the fact that you had experienced and trapped bitterness during a different event in your lifetime. This happens often with the emotion of grief and many others.
  • Many people have more than one Physical Trauma energy – energy remaining from an actual physical event like a fall or a car accident.
  • Another scenario is……… you might have some follow up work to do in order to rid yourself of a bad habit that created a trapped energy. A great example of this is repetitive negative self-talk which can easily create trapped emotional energy in your body. If I identify a trapped emotion whose underlying cause is negative self-talk, and I clear it, if you don’t eliminate your habit of speaking to yourself in a negative manner, you may create a new trapped emotion.

Hope you have gained a bit more knowledge about the science behind energy work.  Please contact me with any other questions.  Who knows – you may be featured next month!!

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