Do You Like Yourself?

I was recently catching up with a lady who had worked with me using the Abundance Program. She said that when we started “I definitely had self-esteem issues. I didn’t like myself very much”.

When we connected she had recently started her own part-time business in addition to her full-time job. She had a few people working with her in this  new business. She was struggling to make money and to lead her team. She knew deep down she was capable of doing so much better but couldn’t figure out what was holding her back from the success she knew she could have.

After a few sessions we discovered her subconscious was allergic to the thought that her team could respect her. Rather tough to lead a team when your subconscious has bought into the fact that your team won’t respect you as their leader!

Her shame and embarrassment about her ability to earn money was at a level 10 out of 10. It’s hard to set an example for your team when living with the shame of not being able to show them how to succeed.

We cleared over 200 trapped emotions that had been building throughout her life, beginning as a child. As we were working through them she, at first, she didn’t see much of a change but then we started to hit some of what I call the “heavy stuff”:

  • Many trapped emotions of Worthless, Unworthy, Hopelessness, Shame, Helplessness, Insecurity, Rejection, Low Self-esteem and many more.
  • The Idea Allergy to “My team can respect me”.
  • 3 Despair Anchors: “I don’t look like a winner”, “I don’t fit in”, and “I’m not meant to be successful”.
  • 18 statements regarding abundance that were total negative energy. The 3 that required a lot of attention were “I am not worthy”, “Nothing works out for me”, and “I never win”.

As we were clearing these “heavy” challenges, things started to change for her. Her customer base started to explode – she even had to cancel a couple of appointments with me to get to them all! (I don’t ever get upset over that, I see it as great progress!) Her team started to have more success as her confidence in herself and her ability to lead them grew. I saw her as a butterfly bursting out of the cocoon and taking flight!

When we were chatting this week she shared two great changes that have happened in her life since we completed our work together. She has a new full-time job that she loves AND she’s earning more at this one than the old one. She has lost 60 pounds.

Her confidence in herself has grown. She had a set back in October on a personal level that didn’t affect her nearly the way this setback would have affected her before.

She can honestly say she now likes herself. “Don’t get me wrong, I still have a day every now and then when I struggle but overall it is so much better.”

I could feel her self-esteem coming at me through the phone and it was so great to hear it. When we started working together there was quite a heaviness in her energy and very little enthusiasm in her voice. Not so now! I’m so excited for the changes that have happened for her.

If you feel you have a heaviness or lack of enthusiasm for who you are or if you can’t say “I like me”, please reach out to me or someone who can help. You don’t need to go through life in the negative place where you are. It can be turned around and become much better.

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