Defeating Stress

Stress.  Crisis.  Tragedy.  How do you pull yourself through it and come out the other side?  People often say time heals.  My future son-in-law has now been in a coma for 3 1/2 months.  The doctors are saying time may not heal him.  Can time heal those who surround him?

I don’t have the answer for that but  I do have some powerful suggestions from DISC that can help you during a time of tragedy or stress.  For each Personality Style there is a direction you can take to help you process your situation.  Most of us are a blend of the 4 Personalities so you may find more than one option that will work for you:


If you are the Dominant Personality go hit the gym.  Physical exercise is the release you need to avoid a knee jerk reaction of wanting to attack the crisis or the people involved.  Exercise will help you gain control.  A D in control is great at turning a crisis into a challenge.  You have a natural ability to find the good that can come out of a tough situation.


Getting in contact with people is best for the Influence Behavioral Style.  You process information best through conversation and interaction.  Talking about the crisis with people you trust is an ideal way for you to process ideas and start to see solutions.


The Supportive Style does best with an undirected activity, something that has no real plan and no time frame for completion.  Accepting change is often a challenge for you.  By choosing an activity that is somewhat brainless you will have some quiet time to embrace whatever changes will be required of you.


The Cautious C needs facts and data.  You require information to process, you have answers you need to find.  To others your quiet, thinking time may come across as withdrawal.  Be sure to communicate with them during this time.  As you seek your solution be wary of requiring perfection rather than achieving excellence.

For me, as I’ve processed through this tragedy I’ve had long conversations with family and friends which have helped me accept I have no power to change this.  I’ve also spent time laboring in the garden which I readily admit has helped me release some nasty emotions that could have become something ugly!!

If you are facing a crisis, try the suggestions above.  I believe you will find at least one that will help.


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