DISC in the ICU

We are here for Bobby, my 29 year old future son-in-law, who is battling for life after being revived from cardiac arrest. Six weeks ago he was diagnosed with endocarditis. 19 days ago his heart failed.

Bobby was medivac’d to a cardiology hospital in Miami, a city that is a melting pot of people. As I sit here in the ICU waiting room observing the dynamics of the various families I see that even in times of stress, personality styles are predictable regardless of culture, religion or environment. Each family member’s behavioral style determines the role they will take during their crisis.

The personality to step forward quickly is the D. They are people who want action. They are on the phone, they take charge during Doctor consultations and have no hesitation seeking second opinions. They are ok with ruffling feathers if it gets results.

The I arrives with a huge smile. They bring the positive attitude. They break the tension with funny observations and they’re often the person who will reach out to members of other families in the waiting room.

The S brings hugs….they bring food….they have the tissues….they get coffee. They are also the quiet strength holding the family together.

A casual observer may not notice the C as they tend to stay in the background. I often see them huddled over their electronic gizmo researching and seeking data. The family will go to them with the question “What did that Doctor mean?” and the C will find the answer.

Our family unit is no different. We have each of the personalities represented, each one supporting the others with a smile or food, information or action. We are getting hopeful as every day brings another sign that Bobby may wake from this coma. He is opening his eyes, responding to touch and moving his lips to his favorite songs. We know he hears us, we’re pretty sure he sees us and we are faithful God is planning a huge miracle.

Thank you to each of you for your love and your prayers.

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