Negative words can lead to many challenges. They can be damaging and hurtful when we retain them and don’t let them go. When they come from our parents it can leave a scar that can negatively shape our identities and personalities. When we say them over ourselves we can be sabotaging our efforts or our lives.

A Curse is defined as words carrying a very negative energy that has been deliberately placed into a person’s energy field by someone else or by ourselves. Examples of Curses:

I’m stupid!
You’re a loser!
There’s no hope for me!
You’ll never amount to anything!
I’m a klutz!

A Saboteur is defined as an Energy Weapon placed into a person’s energy field as a manifestation of ill feelings. Saboteurs are often placed subconsciously and can also be self-inflicted. For example:

They stabbed me in the back!
That cut like a knife!
That felt like a punch in the gut!
My hands are tied.
That hit me over the head!

I imagine you’re familiar with all of these phrases and the jump to considering you’ve held onto some of them is a very short hop! If you’ve got some favorite negative phrases you repeat over yourself often, they may have become a belief. So what do I do to help you get rid of them?

First we pray for help and guidance. I believe that when we call on a source bigger than us and when we believe things will happen, healing will take place. I pray to God. Many of my clients pray to a Higher Power or Universal Energy. Second, we identify the energy through intuition and muscle testing. Third, we clear it out. Your body will guide us as to how we’re going to release the energy. Often it’s as simple as rippling your governing meridian with the intent to release the identified thought or emotion. Other times we sit and let the body release physical energy from your nervous system that was trapped during the event that caused this energy. Sometimes we do both. We can accomplish all this over the phone. There is no need to be in person.

Einstein said that “Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.” Energy healers will also add that energy can be moved. When we follow the steps I mentioned and when your intent and my intent are to move negative energy from your body, amazing things can happen.

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