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I’ve often had people describe the C Personality as being a bit withdrawn compared to the other Personality Styles.  This came up in conversation with a C I know who understands DISC.  When I asked him if he felt there was any validity to the comment he readily agreed that he often senses people think he’s a bit distant.  In true C Style, he’s thought it through:

“I believe when someone asks me a question, rather than give them a quick reply my mind instantly goes into processing mode.  It runs through a lot of scenarios.  I get immersed in trying to come up with an answer that will give the best solution to the individual.  Sometimes I sense the other person thinks I’m not involved or worse, I don’t care.  In actuality, the total opposite is happening.  I care a great deal and I’m attempting to be very thorough as I find the best response.  I’ve learned it helps if I say ‘Give me a moment to think’ before I start to process.”

I then mentioned this to the wife of a C over lunch the other day.  She agreed also.  She disclosed that her husband’s very slow reaction time to her questions would drive her crazy when they were first married.  “I would suggest a new item for the house.  He would just look at me and say nothing.  When I pushed him for a response, he’d say, ‘I’ll think about it’.  I’d give him a few more seconds to think.  When he didn’t respond I assumed he didn’t care.  It took a good while for me to realize that his decision making process took a lot longer than mine!”

When I asked her how long it took for her to get used to it she replied with a twinkle, “Honestly, I haven’t.  His need to think can still drive me crazy after over 20 years.  I’ve simply come up with a way around it.  When we need something small I just go get it.  He’s fine with that.  If it’s a larger purchase, say a couch that’s wearing out, I plant the seed long before we need to replace it.  This way he has plenty of time to do his research.  I really appreciate his ability to be so thorough because I certainly don’t have the patience to do so.  Over the years we’ve become a very good team.”

I know this couple well and they are awesome together.  They figured out their differences over time.  My passion is helping people arrive at understanding each other’s differences through DISC so it won’t take them ‘years’ to become a good team.

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