Very early in my training I had the wonderful experience of working with Katie, a beautiful young woman so full of life. She was in pre-wedding mode and we were working on clearing emotions that were blocking her from losing the weight she wanted to lose for her special day.

The success she was experiencing losing weight prompted her to raise a question……“Could there be any emotional energy from my past that is making me fearful of being able to be committed and monogamous for the rest of my life? I was always the girl who never wanted to get married! Then I met my guy and had a gut feeling to be with him and not throw the relationship away out of fear of commitment like I’ve done in the past. I’m almost terrified I won’t be able to follow through and stay committed.”

I did a quick muscle test and yes, there were definitely trapped emotions that were creating her insecurities. We cleared quite a few emotions and then I discovered she had a Heart-Wall.

A Heart-Wall is a wall of emotions that our subconscious builds around our heart when it feels our heart is breaking. 93% is the estimated number of how many of us are walking around with a Heart-Wall. My experience with hundreds of clients has that percentage even higher. The sad thing about having a Heart-Wall is that while it protected you during your heartbreaking season, once you move beyond that season the Heart-Wall remains. It can inhibit your ability to receive love in the pure form that it is being given to you and it may also can distort the love you are trying to deliver. As you can imagine, this can truly harm a relationship and it was certainly making Katie question her ability to feel love for a lifetime.

We worked on clearing emotions from her Heart-Wall. At the end of the session we weren’t finished but she expressed she already felt “lighter”. During the next session we cleared the Heart-Wall completely and she felt as though “a huge weight had been lifted”.

The next few weeks we continued to work on clearing energies regarding weight loss, but every week she would give me her report on how her thinking was changing regarding her upcoming wedding….”I’m getting excited, I’m sure I can do this and stay committed!” …. “I have no doubts any more” ….. “I can’t wait to get married!”

When I recently called her to ask if I could share her story with you she gave me an immediate YES! and was absolutely bubbling over with how great their marriage is. They’ve been married for over a year and she said, “I can’t believe how committed I am and how wonderful and light I feel!” She loves being married and strongly feels that her Heart-Wall would have stopped her from experiencing the amazing marriage and love they share.

If you are experiencing any of the following:

• Disconnection from others
• Feeling unfulfilled
• Feel like you can’t give or receive love
• Have trouble with relationships and commitment
• Feel like you don’t belong
• Can’t recover from a loss of a loved one
• Are divorced
• Felt like your Heart was breaking
• Have experienced an abusive situation……
……..you may have a Heart-Wall.


Contact me.   Let’s find out!


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I had the pleasure of working with a college senior this spring to help prepare her for Phase 2 of an interview for the job that was exactly what she wanted. Phase 2 was an entire weekend hosted by the company where she would be competing with the other candidates for the position. They were to be tasked with solving mock situations that could happen during their career. Their performance would be measured based on their skills and also regarding their communication in group situations.

We cleared out energies that might hinder her ability to perform at her highest skill level. I also coached her on utilizing DISC to immediately recognize the personality style of her interviewers and the other candidates. She took to that like crazy and did great with every personality role playing scenario I threw at her. She got the job. She was on Cloud 9!!

When I got her call about month later I was shocked at how badly she sounded. She had become incredibly overwhelmed with what she described as moments of anxiety or depression, which is totally alien to her normal upbeat, positive outlook on life.

She was totally confused as to why she was feeling so down when her future looked so good. She was wondering if somehow there could be any negative energy causing this? Good question!!!

When I connected with her body’s energy and asked if there was anything we could clear that was driving this behavior, I got a “yes” answer. We started to pin it down.

I began to uncover one ABSORBED EMOTION after another. (An absorbed emotion is a trapped emotional energy that you have absorbed into your body from the emotional energy generated by someone else. American Neurophysicist and Pharmacologist, Dr. Candace Pert discusses this in her book, Molecules of Emotion, when she says, “The emotions are the connectors, flowing between individuals, moving among us as empathy, compassion, sorrow, and joy. …… it is a scientific fact that we can feel what others feel.” Page 312)

My client had absorbed 61 emotions from her friends!

I was able to identify who the emotions had come from and when she had absorbed them. They were all recent and from her friends at school!! Friends who were not experiencing the great fortune she was having. Her fellow students were receiving denial letters from their interviews. As my client was reaching out to offer encouragement, she was absorbing their negative emotions and trapping the energy in her body.

It took several sessions to clear all 61 emotions. The list included shock, unworthy, forlorn, frustration, shame, failure, fear, sorrow, rejection, worthless, panic, hopelessness, anger, dread, jealousy, helplessness, betrayal, horror, lack of control, discouragement. No wonder she was feeling down with all those negative energies accumulating in her body!

Once we cleared the emotions, plus additional energies that were “driving” her to absorb them, she was back to normal – positive, upbeat and excited about her future.

For protection I placed an energy shield around her which would allow positive energy to flow freely in and out while negative energies would be blocked. The shield enabled her to continue to be there for her friends and no longer absorb the emotions they were experiencing.

Almost everyone I work with has ABSORBED EMOTIONAL ENERGY. If you feel you may have some negative emotional moments and can’t identify why or where they are coming from, it’s possible you have absorbed someone else’s negative emotions. Please reach out to me with your questions. I would love to help you get rid of them.

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When I began to consider creating a monthly newsletter I assumed that it would only go to clients. As the newsletter began to take shape I excitedly shared the concept with both clients and people I know who are not clients. People from both parties (clients and “non-clients”) requested to be on the contact list.

You would think I would have recognized the need to add some definitions and explanations about what I do for the folks who have never experienced energy healing but, no, I wrote the newsletter with my original mindset that it was be received by only clients.

As you can imagine, some of the “non-clients” had a few questions that are truly worth addressing so this month The Science Behind Energy is an ENERGY Q & A.

These are the questions to be addressed:
1. How is a trapped emotion or energy identified in someone’s body?
2. What do I mean by “clearing” a trapped emotion?
3. Once an energy is cleared, is it gone? Can it come back?


To identify trapped emotions and other trapped energies I use a very simple, non-invasive process called muscle testing. I ask questions that can be answered with “yes” or “no”. The muscle test response gives me the answer. Usually a series of 3 or 4 questions – going from general to specific – will pin down the energy. For example….
• “Is there a trapped energy causing the discomfort in the knee?” YES
• “Is it an emotion” YES
• …..and so on until the exact energy to be release is identified.

A lie detector test measures the body’s electrical energy response to a question. The electrical response will indicate to tester if the answer is true or false.

A muscle test measures the electrical energy state of your muscle as it responds to a question. Dr. Bruce Lipton described it this way in his book, The Honeymoon Effect: “When the conscious mind makes a statement that conflicts with a belief stored in the subconscious mind, the resulting disharmony is experienced as a weakening of the body’s muscles”.

So….in a state falsehood any muscle will become weakened, making resistance difficult. In a state of truth muscles will remain strong and resistant to pressure.

A Sway Test is a form of muscle testing. If you watched the video of Jess sway testing her products while shopping you were watching muscle testing. Her body was responding to her questions and giving her truthful answers about the products she was considering buying.

When working with a client I use a “ring in ring” finger muscle method (see photo above) because I can sit rather than stand plus, putting pressure on my finger is faster than waiting for the “sway”. The “ring in ring” method and many more are on YouTube. Most are very easy to understand and some are very entertaining!

The questions I ask of my clients come from the Body Code Mind Map system which is the tool I use as a Certified Body Code Practitioner. The questions I am asking for the muscle test come from the screens in the mind map system. There is a potential for hundreds of specific answers in this amazing system and I can honestly say during all the hours I have worked with clients the system has never let me down as far as identifying which energy is to be released.


I start by focusing my energy and my intention upon clearing the identified trapped energy from my client’s body. I then give their energy field a slight ripple with either my fingers or a magnet. As I do so the trapped energy will either neutralize (change into a positive or neutral vibration) or gently move out of their body.

In his article on the Physics of Emotion, Dr. Joshua Freedman quotes Dr. Candace Pert, an American Neuroscientist and Pharmacologist, as saying “Emotions are not simply chemicals in the brain. They are electrochemical signals that affect the chemistry and electricity of every cell in the body. The body’s electrical state is modulated by emotions, changing the world within the body.”

So…..Emotions are real, vibrating energy
These emotional energies can affect our entire body

Under normal circumstances part of the experience of having an emotion includes letting it go. Every once in a while, for whatever reason, we don’t “let go” of the emotion and the emotional energy becomes trapped in our body.  This vibrating energy ball can vary from the size of an orange to a cantaloupe.  Once the location of the energy is located, if the energy is near the surface of our body, you can sometimes feel it.  To do so, you position your palms about a basketball distance away from the location, aim the palms of your hand toward the energy and then slowly move you palms toward the position.  You will feel a slight change on your palms – the feeling is that of someone very gently blowing air across your palm. It can feel either warm or cold. For me it’s very cool to walk a client through the process of trying to feel the energy and hear their exclamation when they do!!

Once identified, I focus my energy and my intention upon clearing the identified trapped energy from my client’s body. As I focus with intent I ripple the flow of my client’s energy along what is called their governing (or main) meridian which runs from above your eyebrows, over the crown of your head and down your spinal column. The “rippling” is achieved by running two fingers or a magnet over any part of the governing meridian a minimum of three times. During the rippling process the trapped energy either neutralizes (changes into a positive or neutral vibration) or gently moves out of the body.

In her book, The Molecules of Emotion, Dr. Pert (referenced above) says that “When stored or blocked emotions are released through touch or other physical methods, there is a clearing of our internal pathways”.


Yes it is gone. The specific energy we cleared won’t come back. There are some instances where you could mistake that it has returned. Here are some examples:

  • There may be one or more energies identical to the one just cleared.  So, let’s say we cleared the trapped emotional energy of bitterness.  At a future time we could once again identify the trapped emotional energy of  bitterness due to the fact that you had experienced and trapped bitterness during a different event in your lifetime. This happens often with the emotion of grief and many others.
  • Many people have more than one Physical Trauma energy – energy remaining from an actual physical event like a fall or a car accident.
  • Another scenario is……… you might have some follow up work to do in order to rid yourself of a bad habit that created a trapped energy. A great example of this is repetitive negative self-talk which can easily create trapped emotional energy in your body. If I identify a trapped emotion whose underlying cause is negative self-talk, and I clear it, if you don’t eliminate your habit of speaking to yourself in a negative manner, you may create a new trapped emotion.

Hope you have gained a bit more knowledge about the science behind energy work.  Please contact me with any other questions.  Who knows – you may be featured next month!!

If you would like to receive the Newsletter, please click on this website’s “Contact” tab, fill in your email address and under comments ask to be added to the Newsletter list.










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Idea Allergy

To help you get the concept of an Idea Allergy, let’s first talk about a physical allergy. Think about how someone with an allergy to poison ivy reacts when they see it. They walk around it, right? How about someone with a food allergy, one that immediately gives them bumps on their mouth when they eat it? They have NO desire to touch the food, even with their fingers. The same thing happens with an Idea Allergy. Your subconscious mind won’t consider going near the idea!

Let me give you an example….

I was working with a client who is enrolled in my Weight Loss program. During a session I discovered she had an allergy to the word “Thin”. I could sense a hesitation on her part but she made no comment. I let it go, cleared the Idea Allergy, and moved on.

Prior to ending the session I asked if she had any questions or comments. She responded that she disagreed with the concept that she had an Allergy to the word “thin”. She very emphatically went on to tell me, “am big-boned, my Dad was big-boned, as are my sisters and the rest of my Scottish family.  With my very large out-going personality people tend to see me as larger than I really am.  And honestly, I don’t have a desire to become “thin”, the word is not a part of my vocabulary, my goal is to be healthy!!

And then there was a pause.  A very long pause.  I could actually feel the energy shifting.  Finally, a soft, quiet voice said, “Meredith, I think you’re right.  I do have an allergy to the word thin, don’t I?”

Imagine what this subconscious Idea Allergy to the word “Thin” can do to someone who is attempting to lose weight.  When they try to picture themselves as being thinner, their mind won’t go there!  When they attempt to eat less, their subconscious can actually sabotage their effort and direct them to reach for that second piece of cake.

                  What our subconscious sees as truth it will attempt to make true.

By clearing away your Idea Allergy we allow you to embrace that idea without any internal conflict.  This opens up your ability to begin to visualize your goal, which can then be followed by your ability to create the internal belief for success.

That’s what positive affirmations are all about.  That’s why there’s a billion dollar industry about positive thinking.  From where I sit it’s a billion dollar industry that is failing many people.  Think about it….if it worked, you’d only have to buy one book!!  Why do so many people who are striving for a change have a shelf full of them?  Because the concepts are sustainable ONLY if you have no subconscious internal beliefs that block your efforts.  I suggest you try this approach instead:

  • Meet with a Certified Energy Practitioner trained to identify and clear any Internal Beliefs that are blocking you.
  • Have them clear the blocks and any underlying causes that created the blocks
  • Reread the book
  • Apply the principles
  • Achieve your success!!

I have cleared Idea Allergies to the words money, wealth, success, love, healthy, happiness and many, many others.  Imagine how these allergies were sabotaging my clients’ attempts to succeed at these concepts.

If you think you may have an internal belief that is stopping you from reaching your goal, please schedule a complimentary consultation today.   I truly believe I can help you!



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The Human Body is Energy

The human body is just energy…

When you look at your hand you are looking at energy. Emotions are energy too. When you experience an intense emotion, whether it’s anger, resentment, grief – any emotion – the energy of that emotion can sometimes become stuck in your body. They are actually little balls of energy that can disrupt the normal energy field of your body, causing it to be out of balance.

The human body has a truly incredible ability to bounce back and heal itself from all kinds of stress, trauma and sickness. This ability depends upon our bodies being in balance. If our body is out of balance, this self-healing does not take place as well as it should, allowing problems to build up over time.

The Body Code is a state of the art healing technique that addresses these imbalances by allowing your subconscious mind, which is the ultra intelligent computer system of the body, to guide your Body Code practitioner to the imbalances and clear them, allowing the body to go back into balance and heal itself.

This process has helped thousands of people create a profound shift in their emotional and physical well being, enabling them to go on and find success in all areas of their life.

Since July of 2016, I have been undergoing ongoing treatment for breast
cancer that includes heavy forms of chemotherapy. The infusions and pills
have really taken a toll on my body, mind, and spirit. That was an easy
thing to see within the first session I had with Meredith. When we started in May of 2017, there were so many trapped emotions
related to my physical ailments, it was an incredible thing to learn! She
gently guided me to release ominous amounts of energies, allowing many
of my ailments to be put at ease. We continue our sessions, including one
just last week when she was able to release a multitude of energies
surrounding a cold I had contracted. Since then, I’ve been feeling much better!
She has been a true blessing in my life and I completely appreciate the
sessions…From the bottom of my heart – Thank You, Meredith, for all
you have done and for your love and support throughout this difficult time,
I am forever grateful!!

– Courtney

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Caught Off Guard at the Library

As I walked to my car from the library I kept asking myself “How could she even THINK that?”  I felt like I had just been accused of stealing a CD from an audio book!

I took a few minutes to reflect on what had just happened.  I had walked inside the library to return an audio book that was missing the 3rd CD.  I guess I expected I would be thanked for taking the time to do this when I could have just tossed it in the outside drop off box without notifying them the set was incomplete.  After all, if I were the librarian I would have thanked me!

Instead, the librarian took the set, said nothing, flipped through all the CD’s twice, walked to the phone, picked it up and made a call.  She explained the situation to the person on the line, hung up, handed me the case and very firmly stated “You will have to return it to our sister library in _______ as it’s their book and you will have to DEAL with them.”

I politely asked what did she mean by “Deal with them?”

“It’s out of my hands!” she exclaimed as she backed up with her hands raised as if to protect herself.  (I started to wonder if she thought I was going to deck her???? – anyone who knows me well would laugh at that one!)

I asked, “I understand you can’t make their decision but could you explain the policy regarding returning an incomplete set?  Am I expected to pay for it?”

“You’ll have to ask them”, she responded and turned to help someone else.

I had been dismissed!  No problem.  But as I left I started to feel as if I had been tried and convicted of pilfering CD #3 from the audio book!  Kind of crazy but still a bit unpleasant.

“What just happened here?” I asked myself again.  The answer was soon very obvious!  I – the expert in human behavior and Personality Styles – had just been blindsided by a Personality Style clash.  I had expected kind customer service and a thank you.  What I got instead was a focused, task-oriented, by-the-rules, Cautious C Personality Style who simply did her job.  She addressed the situation quickly and calmly and got to the next person in line.

Was she warm?  NO!

Was she required to be warm?  Guess not.

Did she deliver her message in a typical C monotone without emotion or thought of how her message would be received?  Yes.

Did I overreact with typical I/S sensitivity?  HECK YEAH!!

Does this difference in Personalities happen often?  All the time.  I’m rarely caught in the emotional turmoil of it, but for some reason, this time it kicked me in my happy bubble.

When I arrived at the other branch the kind, smiling librarian expressed her appreciation of the time I took to return the book to them.  She indicated they probably had CD #3 in the back and thanked me for taking the time to point out that the set was incomplete.  That was it….no charge, just a thank you.  Expectation and reality had synced.  My day was redeemed!

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Opposites Attract!!

Opposites Attract!!

Everyone has natural strengths and weaknesses.  We can easily be drawn to a “strength” someone else exhibits that we consider a “weakness” in ourselves.  This often happens with business partners and in personal relationships.  At seminars where we divide the entire group into their Personality Styles, partners and spouses are frequently in Opposite categories.

Think about it – if I am disorganized I would benefit by having a partner with a natural ability to avoid chaos.  If I’m shy around strangers, I would be drawn to someone who immediately made me feel comfortable and helped me lighten up and have fun.

Look at the DISC opposites:

The D and the S……a decisive D, who loves the challenge of conquering the world can easily be drawn to the very supportive S, who is a natural team player.  The S, who is slower paced, more reserved, and often indecisive can be very attracted to the energy and decisiveness of the D.  The D and the S are potentially a great combination for a business partnership.

The I and the C…..the charismatic I is all about interacting with people.  “Where are we going and let’s have a great time when we get there!” could be their motto.  The C, who is often shy with new people, finds they come out of their shell when interacting with an I.  The I, who can tend to procrastinate about details and organization is “set free” when partnered with a C who loves to tackle processes and procedures.  When combined, the strengths of the I and the C can make a very strong team in business.

Here’s the challenge…..over time, the strengths that were the attraction can truly become a huge irritation!!  They can also grow the thorn that ends the relationship.  It is critical for the longevity of a business partnership and a marriage that both partners understand and embrace the strengths AND the weaknesses they each bring to the table.

Check the blogs under “Opposites Attract!” for some real-life stories and for the Strengths and Weaknesses of each Personality Type.

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The D and S Attraction

I have friends who are the perfect D / S combination.  They’ve have been very happily married for over 30 years with the exception of year #26 when they came close to a divorce.  You would think that after 25 years of bliss they would have understood each other well enough to handle any challenge, but when Personality Style opposites start behaving in “Weakness Mode” disasters can happen.  This is their story……

To hear Christopher and Jodi tell it they had no choice, it was love at first sight.  He is a determined D with exciting goals and lots of self-confidence and enthusiasm.  She is a very sweet  S who believed in him instantly and wanted to be there and help him gain his success.

They graduated from college, married, and Chris entered the corporate world on the fast track to upper level management while Jodi taught elementary school.  His specialty quickly became innovation and change.  His D Personality Style thrived in the challenging, fast-paced, decision-making environment.  When they started their family Jodi happily morphed from teaching to executive wife, loving every minute of taking care of the kids, supporting Chris, and volunteering in the community.

23 years into his career, the owner sold the company.  During the transition to new ownership, upper level management was replaced.  Chris was suddenly without a job.  He considered retiring, but knew at age 45 he wasn’t ready.  He was heavily recruited by several companies but none of them had a position that excited him.  He considered consulting but that didn’t entice him either.  One night one of his friends persuaded him to attend a network marketing meeting.  The guest speaker had achieved financial independence working with the company.  Chris came out of there certain that he could do better and he could do it faster than the speaker.

Within 18 months he was shattering performance records.  His D Style was a natural for the industry.  He pulled the best out of people and pushed them to attain the success they wanted.  He made things happen through innovation and plain old hard work.  His motivation was at it’s peak as he was in control, making choices and being challenged.

Jodi was in the support role she loved and this time it was even more exciting for her because she had more of a hands on role.  She could see things Chris didn’t notice: who deserved recognition, who needed help, who was struggling with confidence, etc.  Their awesome relationship became even better as they worked together with their team.

I hadn’t seen them for about 6 months so imagine my shock when Jodi confided that she and Chris were having horrible problems.  “He’s no longer the man I married”, she said.  “He’s become restless and extremely insensitive.  The least thing can set him into an angry tirade and his filter has disappeared to the point that he’s abrupt and rude in a professional environment.   He’s even sarcastic and impatient with the kids and that’s never happened before.”

She also said she didn’t like who she was becoming.  “We used to be great at communication but now I’m biting my lip all the time to avoid an argument.  His actions are painful but rather than telling him, I find I’m hiding my anger to avoid an argument and then I’m dwelling on it later.  After so many wonderful years I honestly don’t know what to do!”

I asked her if there was a problem with the business.  She laughed and said no way!  Chris had developed a system that virtually ran itself.

I asked if there were any other challenges or new ideas he was tackling.  She said no, everything was running on autopilot.

I suggested to Jodi that while autopilot in her world was perfect, for Chris it could be his worst nightmare!

I reminded her of their personality differences.  I suggested for her S everything they had achieved (stability, security, status quo) made HER world perfect. Chris is a “play to win” D, an active mover and shaker:

  • He needs a challenge – at the moment he has none.
  • He needs to be making major decisions – he’s made them!
  • He needs to be in control of things – the system he created and the people he trained are doing that for him.

“Without challenge, choices and control Chris probably feels useless and that is something he is not used to feeling!  It appears to me that in this situation he’s restless and frustrated and as a result is operating in the weaker characteristics of his D Personality Style“.

“What do we do?  Start a new business?” Jody asked.

“Perhaps it can be a lot simpler”, I replied.  “Maybe he just needs a big project.  Didn’t you once talk about building your dream home in the South at the beach?”

“Yes, but that’s down the road when we’re planning to retire.”

“Why wait?”, I suggested.  “Do it now!”

“Are you crazy!  That would be impossible with our current schedules.  There is no time to plan the house and build it long distance.  It would be a disaster!”

“Jodi”, I said, “Let’s be honest.  WOULD IT BE A DISASTER FOR BOTH OF YOU or a disaster for ONLY YOU?”

She had to admit that while she hated the idea she knew Chris would probably love it and….he did!

The challenge put him right back into “D Strengths“.  He commuted back and forth overseeing the construction. While in their new city he started another team for their business.  He designed their new home with an office/meeting room wing for presentations. When the new home was complete he added a similar space to their northern home.

Chris and Jodi are once again happy as can be.  They’ve gained an understanding of each other’s Personality Style’s needs and they’ve created a relationship where their needs are being met.  They make sure his D has challenge and excitement as they maintain consistency for Jodi’s S  so she can thrive at doing what she most enjoys – supporting those she loves.




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Strengths of the D

D’s are Determined, Dominant “Doers”

When it comes to confidence the D is at the top of the list.  They can stay focused on a vision and move heaven and earth to make it happen – fast!  A D will demand a lot from you and they may push you to work at your best.  Keep in mind, they are expecting even more from themselves than they expect from you.  They are…..


  • Very self-confident
  • Dynamic ability to lead
  • Will develop good qualities in others
  • Will delegate to get fast results
  • Direct communication, no “beating around the bush”
  • Needs to be in control and is willing to struggle for power and control


  • Can thrive on conflict
  • Seldom takes no for an answer
  • Bottom-line oriented, focuses on big picture and end result
  • Inspires others through determination
  • Refuses to give up on goals


  • Thrives on movement and involvement
  • Decisive decision maker
  • Needs a challenge – good at solving problems
  • Very innovative and adaptable – can change direction quickly
  • Willing to take risks without hesitation
  • Quickly responds to problems and situations

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Strengths of the S

S’s are Supportive, Steady and Stable

An S finds it very difficult to say NO. They feel people do best when they are cooperative and supportive of each other. They will be there for you and want to know you will be there for them. They are happiest when YOU are happy.


  • Family-oriented, Team-oriented, Service-oriented
  • Bring out the best in people
  • Will make personal sacrifices to obtain best results
  • Tunes into what the group needs
  • Have an ability to put themselves in other’s situations which makes them very understanding
  • Takes orders well


  • You can depend on them and trust them to follow through
  • Not prone to emotional outbursts
  • Very calm, holds things together
  • Sees the lighter side of life with a subtle sense of humor
  • Looks for simple solutions
  • Very diplomatic, calm and polite


  • Create stability through loyalty and dependability
  • Thinks and evaluates before speaking or acting
  • During difficult times will appear to be unshaken
  • Makes a great leader.  They patiently coach rather than dictate
  • Prefers routine, one task at a time, consistency and efficiency

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