Golfers and “Girly Fists”

I’m excited to say I just completed the trial run for the Golf Energy Program. The results were amazing – everyone’s game improved!! Click here! to view the video, see the comments from the participants and read my insight into how the program works.

The program will be offered as a 5 session package. We’ll eliminate the subconscious beliefs that are affecting your game and you will learn to use a “Girly Fist” to block any negative energy that the other golfers may be experiencing.

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Flowers, Pavers and Rats

While we are asked to stay home, I’m staying out of negative emotions and fear by creating a garden path to my back yard. Would you believe I’ve learned to mix concrete???

I’m also being proactive by applying the great advice Master Chunyi Lin related in his annual talk about how to get through the upcoming year in a healthy, positive way. He says this is the Year of the Rat. I don’t know much about that but I do know he was on target when he said the year would bring viral challenges. He suggests how to protect ourselves. You can read my notes on his talk, which also includes a lot of positive things to look forward to in the coming year in the April Newsletter.

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Flying Out of a Golf Cart

Well… wasn’t my intention to challenge the self-healing I have been learning with my Spring Forest Qigong healing courses but, when I flew out of a golf cart and did a belly flop into the road, it was time to apply the techniques I’ve been learning. Check out the March Newsletter to learn more.

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This Was Fun for 2 Days

In this month’s Newsletter I ask how you are doing with your New Year’s Resolutions? Did you know when we start something new our body undergoes a chemical change that lasts 3 days? Then it passes and we no longer have the excitement we initially experienced about the new idea or resolution.

I use a program that enables me to keep my enthusiasm and focus. Last year I accomplished every resolution on my list, plus some great ideas I had throughout the year. Check out how I did it in January’s Newsletter.

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Negative words can lead to many challenges. They can be damaging and hurtful when we retain them and don’t let them go. When they come from our parents it can leave a scar that can negatively shape our identities and personalities. When we say them over ourselves we can be sabotaging our efforts or our lives.

A Curse is defined as words carrying a very negative energy that has been deliberately placed into a person’s energy field by someone else or by ourselves. Examples of Curses:

I’m stupid!
You’re a loser!
There’s no hope for me!
You’ll never amount to anything!
I’m a klutz!

A Saboteur is defined as an Energy Weapon placed into a person’s energy field as a manifestation of ill feelings. Saboteurs are often placed subconsciously and can also be self-inflicted. For example:

They stabbed me in the back!
That cut like a knife!
That felt like a punch in the gut!
My hands are tied.
That hit me over the head!

I imagine you’re familiar with all of these phrases and the jump to considering you’ve held onto some of them is a very short hop! If you’ve got some favorite negative phrases you repeat over yourself often, they may have become a belief. So what do I do to help you get rid of them?

First we pray for help and guidance. I believe that when we call on a source bigger than us and when we believe things will happen, healing will take place. I pray to God. Many of my clients pray to a Higher Power or Universal Energy. Second, we identify the energy through intuition and muscle testing. Third, we clear it out. Your body will guide us as to how we’re going to release the energy. Often it’s as simple as rippling your governing meridian with the intent to release the identified thought or emotion. Other times we sit and let the body release physical energy from your nervous system that was trapped during the event that caused this energy. Sometimes we do both. We can accomplish all this over the phone. There is no need to be in person.

Einstein said that “Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.” Energy healers will also add that energy can be moved. When we follow the steps I mentioned and when your intent and my intent are to move negative energy from your body, amazing things can happen.

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Fight or Flight?

Releasing Trapped Physical Energies

Most of us know that when our mind perceives we are in a dangerous or threatening situation (whether real or imagined) our body will kick in the flight or flight reaction.  What didn’t understand is that when our nervous system prepares us to fight or to run, it releases physical energy into our body to enable us to do so.  If we actually fight or flee we use up the energy.  If we don’t, the energy may remain stored in our body and can cause a lot of harm to us on a physical, emotional or mental level.

I learned this from Dr. Kent Rosengren who teaches a class called Body Based Mindfulness that explains how to recognize this physical energy in your body.  Once you  recognize and accept that it’s there, you can direct your body to release the energy just by sitting quietly with intent as you allow it to do so.  It’s a very simple process but does take some practice and knowledge as we often want to resist acknowledging the very thing that may be causing us harm.  Dr. Kent has a wonderful process that teaches his students exactly how to release the physical energy and….very important….how to recognize and work through the resistance if it’s there.  As I have cleared out a bunch of these negative physical energies I’m actually finding I have a whole lot more pep as a result.  Holding on to all that stored energy was quite a job for my body and actually was sapping my strength.

Every student in the class experienced positive results and they were quite varied.  Spencer Melchert, one of the students, has been kind enough to share his experience with you:

Hello my name is Charles Spencer Melchert. About 2 months ago I gave myself a gift of investing in a class and teaching I was not aware of. It is called Body Based Mindfulness, taught by Dr Kent Rosengren.

I have been practicing a mindfulness meditation for about 3 years and hadn’t incorporated the experience and knowing of allowing the body time, space and love to feel sensations, emotions, movements and to potentially shift limiting beliefs into a greater awareness. Body Based Mindfulness is an empowered way of doing so. Shifting our awareness from our Brain’s perception and logic base into the innate wisdom of the body – and – giving our body permission to express, feel and behave in any way it chooses, is a wonderfully freeing skill to learn and practice.

I desire to share some of my wins from the class. Uncompleted fight or flight responses get trapped in the central nervous system and keep our systems charged in an unhealthy way until those sensations, emotions and movements are allowed to be felt and released. This class increased my awareness around how I would resist strong trapped emotions and not allow myself to fully feel them with acceptance. I learned to notice, identify and release unhealthy energies around traumatic events in my past – which has single handedly made the greatest impact in me. I have experienced more acceptance, forgiveness, appreciation and love for myself and others.

The classes are taught by Dr. Rosengren, a trained psychologist. He is an empathetic, caring and compassionate professional who set up the classes with concepts and strategies to be mindful of and then the last hour was geared towards practice with the other students. Each student took a turn at being the participant, practitioner and observer. The observer kept track of time, offered feedback on things they noticed and gave words of encouragement. These built in break-out groups provided an immense amount of invaluable experience getting accustomed, acclimated and aware of resistance that would arise in the body. We learned how our trapped fight or flight sensations feel and move in the body along with the art of allowing the body time and space to notice – without judgment – whatever came up. We learned to allow the sensations to be as big as they wanted to be and how to let our body release this trapped energy however it needed to do so. It is absolutely a perfect expression of self love and compassion.

The class has been an amazing experience and addition to my life and I will be forever grateful to Dr. Kent and myself for investing in this class and me.

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The Power of Forgiveness

A lack of forgiveness can put major stress on our bodies as we hold onto emotional energy of anger, bitterness, resentment, etc. surrounding the “ugly offense” committed against us. This emotional energy affects our body, mind and spirit. Our Doctors are beginning to understand the connection. If you check the websites for many of the major hospitals you will find a wealth of information about forgiveness.

I was introduced to the healing power of forgiveness when I took a class called Redemptive Healing at my church. We used Jan McCray’s book, “Your Redemptive Healing” as our guide. The chapter on forgiveness was huge in helping me to heal and move forward from two marriages to alcoholics.

I went on to teach Redemptive Healing and have done so for the last 10 years. It has been amazing to watch what happens when people let go of the negative emotions and energy attached to non forgiveness and move beyond the event embracing the joy of moving forward with their life.

After 10 years of working with Jan’s book I no longer know which words are hers and which are mine. She’s given me complete permission to use her book for this blog. I take complete credit for anything that is said in error.


The act of forgiveness is a conscious decision. Often people don’t forgive the offender for a variety of reasons:
• They are waiting until it feels like it’s time to pardon the offender.
• They are waiting for the offender to ask to be forgiven.
• They are waiting until the offender has earned the right to be forgiven.
• They are getting satisfaction from refusing to forgive. This can make us feel powerful, like we’re in charge, or even that we are protecting ourselves.

None of these reasons have any benefit for us or our health. We are slowly breaking down our body, mind and spirit by holding on to all this negativity. We need to forgive in order to start the healing process by moving forward from this offense.

Forgiving is not condoning. Please believe I’m not suggesting you go there.

Forgiving and forgetting are 2 entirely different things. Often people assume that forgiving will erase the memory of the event. Instead it opens up the memory and releases the toxic energy of it so that healing can take place.

Forgiveness is a personal decision. There is no need to share your act of forgiveness with the other person, especially if they are no longer in your life. If you have a need to verbalize your act of forgiveness, write a letter to them but don’t mail it. Destroy it.  In her book Jan suggests we express the hurt, pain, anger, and betrayal we have felt. Include the fact that you are choosing to forgive and why you are doing so. This exercise can help free the pain from your subconscious and help release you from the handcuff that has tied you to the offender and the act that harmed you.

If you feel a strong need for reconciliation with the other person realize that sharing forgiveness is always a risk and it may not go the way you expect. Check your motive before you act. We sometimes want to share our forgiveness with the offender to make them feel guilty or to make ourselves look righteous. That’s not what forgiveness is about. It’s easy to fool ourselves……be certain your intentions are coming from a good place, not a place of causing pain or harm.

I recommend you test your forgiveness. If, after forgiving the one who wounded you, can you sincerely pray for them? If so, you have begun your healing journey. Congratulations! If not, if your anger and hatred are still too strong to be able to wish them well, it may be likely you have been unable to completely forgive them and let them go. Work at it until you get there. Withholding forgiveness can cause sleepless nights, unsettled thoughts, depression, and stress-related diseases.

Holding on to resentment and hate never changes the one who harmed us – it instead works at destroying us. Stop this process and choose to work toward forgiving NOW. Stop the bitterness that has been growing and festering inside of you since the event took place. Choose instead to heal your mind, your body and your spirit.

When I forgive someone I express my forgiveness out loud in prayer. If prayer is not your thing, however you choose to express forgiveness will work as long as you have a sincere intent to forgive, to release yourself from the person and the event, and to move forward with your life.

The following are the steps that have worked for me:
• I forgive __________ for __________. (I list everything that comes to mind.)
• I release __________ from the judgment I have held against him/her and I release myself from the reciprocal judgment. (The energy of my judgment toward them opens a door for their judgment energy to come back to me. I use this phrase to eliminate any negative energy coming toward me from them.)
• Lord I ask you to please forgive me for the bitterness, anger, hate, resentment and judgment I have held for __________.
• I do not want to hold onto guilt or feeling unworthy for my thoughts and/or actions about this. I forgive myself for __________.
• I pray that __________ may have a life of peace and joy. Amen.

I have found that when I get to the end of the prayer and sincerely pray for the other person it’s almost as if I can feel the release happening emotionally and physically. It’s also been very powerful to have chosen to forgive someone in MY time rather than waiting for them.

I would like to suggest that if walking through the act of forgiveness is feeling a bit intimidating or overwhelming, especially if the “ugly” offense has incredibly strong emotions and memories tied to it, please consider working it through with a counselor or someone you trust. It has been very comforting to me to be surrounded by the people in my group at Church as we work through this together – each of us on our own journey but all of us there to support each other. Perhaps there is someone who would want to work on their forgiveness concerns while you work on yours.

As always, if you have any questions about this, please feel free to reach out to me by using the “Contact” tab on my website. I would also love to hear about your forgiveness journey.

I pray God blesses you and gives you peace.

(If you would like a copy of Jan McCray’s Book “Your Redemptive Healing”, please contact me for her information.)

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