Answers to the Who’s Who? Challenge

I want you to approach the answers below with the following understanding.  When you take the DISC Assessment it will give you 2 graphs, an Environment Graph and a Basic Graph.  The Environment Graph reflects our Adapted Personality Style – how we behave for success in our environment.  We can call this our “I Do” graph.

The Basic Graph shows how we naturally behave when we are relaxed and at ease, how we would react without thinking.  We can call this our “I Am” graph.

My choices in the Who’s Who? Challenge reflect their “I do” side, not their “I am” side.  For example, we are only able to see Donald Trump when he is in public.  In public his behavior demonstrates D Personality Style characteristics.  Donald Trump’s behavior in his home environment may be totally different.  Saying that Donald Trump exhibits a D Personality Style is more accurate than saying Donald Trump is a D.


Should Be EasyD – Donald Trump   I – Oprah Winfrey   S – Paula Abdul   C – Bill Gates

CelebritiesD – Mike Wallace   I – Bob Hope   S – Mr. Rodgers   C – Barbara Stanwyck

From HistoryD – George Washington   I – Winston Churchill   S – Abraham Lincoln   C – Jackie Kennedy Onassis

CharactersD – Dirty Harry   I – Lucy   S – Tonto   C – Mr. Spock

Scientists and InventorsC – Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Madame Marie Curie and Ben Franklin. *

* This is not to say that every scientist is a C, however science requires the type of environment a C will embrace so many C’s are naturally drawn to this vocation.

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