Addictive Heart Energy

As far back as I can remember my “go to” food was chocolate. I assumed it was because I was born in Hershey and even though we moved when I was 2 we still visited Nana in Hershey at least every other month. When they made the kisses and chocolate bars at the factory you could smell the chocolate all over town. Every memory I have of our great times in Hershey includes that wonderful chocolate aroma! I always assumed that’s why I craved chocolate. Boy was I wrong!!

My cravings were from Addictive Heart Energy, an energy that can DRIVE our behavior. It occurs when our Heart is desperately trying to feel love and our Heart-Wall is blocking or distorting the emotion of love. As a result, our subconscious mind can mistake the euphoria of almost any kind of experience for love, driving us to seek that experience again and again. It can be shopping, exercising, gambling, drinking, drugs, sugar, conflict, overworking, or for me – the anticipation and enjoyment of eating chocolate!

From my young age into my college years I enjoyed chocolate but I didn’t have an internal push to eat it. When my Heart-Wall formed at the age of 23, the Addictive Heart Energy developed. That was the point when I became DRIVEN to consume chocolate several times a day.

Let me lay it out for you – I could eat the brownie batter out of the bowl before it ever hit the pan to go into the oven. I would warm the hot fudge in the jar and eat it without the ice cream! For decades I NEVER went through a day without chocolate, often eating it 3 and 4 times a day. I would often skip eating a meal because of my guilt about the chocolate I’d already eaten that day. The pounds slowly started to add up and after I had Jess, my weight was always 20 or more pounds more than my pre-pregnancy weight.

When I started to embrace a healthier lifestyle – drinking mostly water, eating at least one salad a day, vegetables with every meal, going gluten free at home – I was still unable to walk away from the daily chocolate consumption. Even while my health improved and I lost some weight I was internally beating myself up over my lack of discipline about chocolate.

Then I became an energy Practitioner, discovered and cleared the Addictive Heart Energy and the Heart-Wall, and everything regarding chocolate changed!!

Not long after I cleared these energies I realized I was easily avoiding chocolate most days! Every few days I’d have one little piece of chocolate from an 85% cocoa bar and be satisfied. Prior to clearing the energies I would limit myself to that one little piece and then battle the push to consume the whole bar followed up with several Peppermint Patties from Dave’s stash!! In addition, I also realized I wasn’t making hot chocolate at home anymore – didn’t really want it. When we went out to eat I no longer had to fight the intense pull for chocolate cake with chocolate frosting or the brownie, ice cream and hot fudge delight! The cravings and the drive to satisfy them had truly disappeared. And they are still gone!

Over the last 2 years I’ve easily slimmed down on my healthy eating plan.  I’m now about 4 pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight which is really exciting!! I feel great. I have more energy than I did 10 years ago. Some days I have something chocolate just like some days I eat a banana and other days I eat an orange. There is no emotional energy or drive surrounding chocolate anymore. This is freedom, especially from the demeaning negative self-talk that came with the chocolate addiction. It’s freedom to make healthier food choices, which leads to a healthier me – physically, emotionally and spiritually.

If you feel you have a behavior that is driving you, let’s see if you have Addictive Heart Energy. Give me a call and let’s check it out!!

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