I had the pleasure of working with a college senior this spring to help prepare her for Phase 2 of an interview for the job that was exactly what she wanted. Phase 2 was an entire weekend hosted by the company where she would be competing with the other candidates for the position. They were to be tasked with solving mock situations that could happen during their career. Their performance would be measured based on their skills and also regarding their communication in group situations.

We cleared out energies that might hinder her ability to perform at her highest skill level. I also coached her on utilizing DISC to immediately recognize the personality style of her interviewers and the other candidates. She took to that like crazy and did great with every personality role playing scenario I threw at her. She got the job. She was on Cloud 9!!

When I got her call about month later I was shocked at how badly she sounded. She had become incredibly overwhelmed with what she described as moments of anxiety or depression, which is totally alien to her normal upbeat, positive outlook on life.

She was totally confused as to why she was feeling so down when her future looked so good. She was wondering if somehow there could be any negative energy causing this? Good question!!!

When I connected with her body’s energy and asked if there was anything we could clear that was driving this behavior, I got a “yes” answer. We started to pin it down.

I began to uncover one ABSORBED EMOTION after another. (An absorbed emotion is a trapped emotional energy that you have absorbed into your body from the emotional energy generated by someone else. American Neurophysicist and Pharmacologist, Dr. Candace Pert discusses this in her book, Molecules of Emotion, when she says, “The emotions are the connectors, flowing between individuals, moving among us as empathy, compassion, sorrow, and joy. …… it is a scientific fact that we can feel what others feel.” Page 312)

My client had absorbed 61 emotions from her friends!

I was able to identify who the emotions had come from and when she had absorbed them. They were all recent and from her friends at school!! Friends who were not experiencing the great fortune she was having. Her fellow students were receiving denial letters from their interviews. As my client was reaching out to offer encouragement, she was absorbing their negative emotions and trapping the energy in her body.

It took several sessions to clear all 61 emotions. The list included shock, unworthy, forlorn, frustration, shame, failure, fear, sorrow, rejection, worthless, panic, hopelessness, anger, dread, jealousy, helplessness, betrayal, horror, lack of control, discouragement. No wonder she was feeling down with all those negative energies accumulating in her body!

Once we cleared the emotions, plus additional energies that were “driving” her to absorb them, she was back to normal – positive, upbeat and excited about her future.

For protection I placed an energy shield around her which would allow positive energy to flow freely in and out while negative energies would be blocked. The shield enabled her to continue to be there for her friends and no longer absorb the emotions they were experiencing.

Almost everyone I work with has ABSORBED EMOTIONAL ENERGY. If you feel you may have some negative emotional moments and can’t identify why or where they are coming from, it’s possible you have absorbed someone else’s negative emotions. Please reach out to me with your questions. I would love to help you get rid of them.

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