Penn State grad, Meredith Brubaker began her career as an art instructor. In the human lab called “classroom”, she got her first lessons in behavioral traits that appeared to manifest in groups. She witnessed students respond more favorably to instruction if the message was tailored to their communication style.

From there Meredith branched out into marketing management, leading to the founding of the Three Rivers Magazine, an instant success that was spun off profitably within the first year.

Her next stop was the financial services industry, starting as an account manager and ending as owner of  her own firm. Meredith produced financial seminars, instructed groups of 500 and more, designed marketing training curricula and co-authored policy and procedure manuals for notable marketing campaigns.

Taking advantage of a real estate market gone wild, Meredith founded Marlin Title in 2005. She combined her teaching, publishing and financial services skills, along with her research into behavioral styles and personality differences, to create a dynamic workshop for Realtors and Lenders. These workshops proved popular and were instrumental in building a loyal customer base. Marlin Title offered something unique to their customers; a methodology that allowed them to assess their client’s personality traits and communicate with them on their terms and within their comfort zone.

Meredith’s seminars led to a successful debut as a keynote speaker at one of the industry dinners and another career path opened. She has been a crowd-pleasing guest speaker at many events for different industries and associations. Meredith’s dynamic formula for improved communication has served her well in roles as Executive for Chambers of Commerce and various Industry Associations.

As a DISC-accredited behavior analyst and practiced speaker, Meredith can relate to everyone in a room. Breaking Through Barriers is an ability that anyone can master, once they know what to look for and how to put their new found knowledge to its best use. Meredith Brubaker’s presentations are proof that improving your communication skills doesn’t have to be drudgery – in fact – it can be a lot of fun.