After graduating from Penn State University, Meredith Brubaker began her career as an art instructor. In the classroom she witnessed students responding more favorably to instruction if the message was tailored to the student’s specific communication style.  This peaked her interest, leading her to seek further ways to assist others through her daily actions and her ongoing career goals.

Changing her career focus to the financial services industry, Meredith began a career as an account executive and worked to build her own firm of twenty financial representatives.  She applied communication skills she learned in the classroom to situations with her customers and the training of her staff.  Meredith also began facilitating small and large workshops, at times speaking to groups exceeding 500 people.

In 2005, Meredith decided to take advantage of a real estate market gone wild, and co-founded Marlin Title. She marketed the title company by creating a workshop to teach her customers, who were realtors and lenders, to develop an immediate relationship with their prospects by recognizing and utilizing each individual’s Personality Style, allowing clear and concise communication. As workshop followers began to see their business grow by applying Meredith’s ideas, interest in Marlin Title increased and company orders grew.

Meredith’s workshops led to her successful debut as a keynote speaker, allowing yet another career path to open.  Meredith received many requests for individual coaching, which she gratefully accepted after receiving her Certification in Human Behavior Modeling.  She also become a Certified Practitioner in both Emotion Code and Body Code, which enables her to continue to positively affect people’s lives.  She now works with clients around the world utilizing technology such as VOIP or email.

Clients say their sessions with Meredith are enlightening, goal-oriented, and full of exposure to new concepts that are easy to embrace. The proof is in the success they achieve.

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I focused on the Energy and Abundance component of Meredith’s work. My ability to move forward in my life, work and relationships has been amazing.

My negative thoughts and old “go to” bad habits are gone, in fact, I can no longer conjure up the negative thought pattern of my past after spending time working with Meredith and the Body Code process.

If you are looking for results – true, lasting results – don’t hesitate to give Meredith a try.

Keep an open mind and trust that Meredith has the key to unlocking the trapped emotions that have been blocking you from living life to your full potential.

– Ellen S., Hershey, PA