Very early in my training I had the wonderful experience of working with Katie, a beautiful young woman so full of life. She was in pre-wedding mode and we were working on clearing emotions that were blocking her from losing the weight she wanted to lose for her special day.

The success she was experiencing losing weight prompted her to raise a question……“Could there be any emotional energy from my past that is making me fearful of being able to be committed and monogamous for the rest of my life? I was always the girl who never wanted to get married! Then I met my guy and had a gut feeling to be with him and not throw the relationship away out of fear of commitment like I’ve done in the past. I’m almost terrified I won’t be able to follow through and stay committed.”

I did a quick muscle test and yes, there were definitely trapped emotions that were creating her insecurities. We cleared quite a few emotions and then I discovered she had a Heart-Wall.

A Heart-Wall is a wall of emotions that our subconscious builds around our heart when it feels our heart is breaking. 93% is the estimated number of how many of us are walking around with a Heart-Wall. My experience with hundreds of clients has that percentage even higher. The sad thing about having a Heart-Wall is that while it protected you during your heartbreaking season, once you move beyond that season the Heart-Wall remains. It can inhibit your ability to receive love in the pure form that it is being given to you and it may also can distort the love you are trying to deliver. As you can imagine, this can truly harm a relationship and it was certainly making Katie question her ability to feel love for a lifetime.

We worked on clearing emotions from her Heart-Wall. At the end of the session we weren’t finished but she expressed she already felt “lighter”. During the next session we cleared the Heart-Wall completely and she felt as though “a huge weight had been lifted”.

The next few weeks we continued to work on clearing energies regarding weight loss, but every week she would give me her report on how her thinking was changing regarding her upcoming wedding….”I’m getting excited, I’m sure I can do this and stay committed!” …. “I have no doubts any more” ….. “I can’t wait to get married!”

When I recently called her to ask if I could share her story with you she gave me an immediate YES! and was absolutely bubbling over with how great their marriage is. They’ve been married for over a year and she said, “I can’t believe how committed I am and how wonderful and light I feel!” She loves being married and strongly feels that her Heart-Wall would have stopped her from experiencing the amazing marriage and love they share.

If you are experiencing any of the following:

• Disconnection from others
• Feeling unfulfilled
• Feel like you can’t give or receive love
• Have trouble with relationships and commitment
• Feel like you don’t belong
• Can’t recover from a loss of a loved one
• Are divorced
• Felt like your Heart was breaking
• Have experienced an abusive situation……
……..you may have a Heart-Wall.


Contact me.   Let’s find out!


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