I want to take a moment to let you know the impact you have had on our team here at Wells Fargo. Your training sessions have proved invaluable in so many different ways.

Thanks to your system for recognizing the "mind" of the person in front of you, our loan officers who were intimidated by prospecting are now tackling it with ease and their closing ratio has been increasing! In addition your insights on speaking to both spouses in "THEIR language" have helped my team focus on observing which spouse needs the details, and which needs the personal conversation. As a result, our customer relationships and customer referrals have improved dramatically.

The subtle changes I have made to my communication style has enhanced my effectiveness as a leader.

Wells Fargo Home Mortgage

I just wanted to thank you so much for sharing your insights on personality types to my listeners.  From stay-at-home moms to corporate executives, there is a huge need for what you do.

Network of Women

The response we received from the team members was remarkable.  We have never had as much positive feedback on our curriculum as we did that training. I myself attended the training as well, and I can tell you that the things I learned from Meredith that day have helped me in my business immensely.

Understanding the personality traits of other individuals, whether it be prospects or existing clients, is a very powerful tool that I have utilized to close my prospects faster and also to motivate my reps to a superior performance by understanding the motivation tool to apply for each individual.

I had team members that have attended other personality classes in the past. They said that Meredith’s training was the best they had ever seen.

Creation Marketing, Inc.

Meredith energized a group of 45 plus quality professionals through a networking exercise that produced great results.  She did an outstanding presentation on networking strategies and working with different types of personalities.

Meredith has a great personality that can motivate people.  Her presentation skills and subject matter expertise are equally commendable.

I strongly endorse Meredith and encourage you to have her as a speaker.

American Society for Quality

What I have most appreciated is that I have been able to apply your principles to my business with immediate success.

What I gained from your discussion was that I would have to build my sales force so they could interact with all types of business people. You also gave me great insight on how to create bonds between the customer and our company. These two changes have helped with our overall account penetration and have given us the ability to strengthen our relationships with our clients.

Saiphs Athletic Wear
Maintaining a working a music band of 4 members has all of the complications of trying to maintain a healthy romantic relationship and then some.  After four years of touring the country together, we were experiencing some difficulties.  For the first time I thought the band was likely on the verge of a complete breakup.  Meredith entered this sticky situation before knowing how sticky it really was, and brought us through to a complete resolution within one day.  As miraculous as that was, this was the smaller benefit of working with Meredith.     The weekend after our assessment and coaching session, with no sort of rehearsal in between, the music itself was suddenly the best it's ever been.  Her practical and fun way of helping us understand each other on a personal level brought us to plane of creativity that I had not experienced before in my 10 year career of professional performing.  It was truly magical.     I am a more effective leader, and generally a more compassionate person since working with Meredith.  I now go to Meredith whenever we add someone new to our team and will always seek her guidance in my relationships and endeavors.

Circa Paleo

Thank you Meredith for meeting with the clinical staff in our department here at Penn State Hershey Medical Center.  It was a great way to learn about personality differences and to see how it impacts our interactions.  Our staff immediately applied a greater understanding to our patients and I saw them gain an instant appreciation of each other.  For myself, it has helped me manage staff with greater insight of their strengths and to focus on these to increase productivity.  Your seminar was so well received, that as you know, we introduced it to our management group for a 1.5 hour session a month later.  Thank you again for both workshops and helping to create an optimistic workplace. 

Penn State Hershey Medical Center

I know who you are and I speak your language.

Interact Effectively with Every Personality Type

Dominance Behavior Style

D’s can be born leaders with a built in confidence and optimism.  

Influence Behavior Style

I’s are naturally warm, outgoing and enthusiastic.


Submission Behavior Style

S’s are trustworthy, loyal and dependable. 

C’s are analytical and self-sacrificing.